Good Samaritans rescue Cody man from canal



When Glen Gresly’s truck left the road and headed for the canal Wednesday afternoon, several area residents sprang into action. “It was more instinctive than anything,” said Luke Maslak, an appraiser for the Park County Assessor’s office. Maslak and coworker Dave Wildman were parked at the rest area just east of Panther Boulevard when the small truck crossed the tracks west of the boulevard, drove through the railroad right-of-way and then plunged into the canal. The two didn’t hesitate to get their feet wet. “We didn’t think about it for a second,” Wildman said. “We just jumped.” They jumped into the back of the partially-submerged truck and pulled Gresly, who was unconscious, through the back sliding-glass window. By that time, other folks had...

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