From Peru to Yellowtail



Herder and goats helping state fight invasive weeds Out in the heat, amongst rattlesnakes and more skeeters than most people can stand, a Peruvian man named Elvis and his constant companion, a Welsh collie named Pepsi, tend to 450 nannies and their kids. It’s a job that most would refuse. As a matter of fact, Elvis’ job was offered first to American workers. But none applied, according to Lisa Kimsey, CEO of Big Horn Basin Boers, a sheep and goat ranching operation. “Even if I offered three times more money, I couldn’t get locals to apply,” Kimsey said. The swarm of mosquitos would drive most people mad. But it’s not the hardest part of the job for Elvis Garcia, who has been tending goats at the Yellowtail Wildlife Management Area east of Lovell for...

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