PHS modifies grading scale


The definition of a “D” is changing at Powell High School. When students resume classes in August, they will be graded under a new scale for D’s and F’s. For years, a grade of 65 to 69 percent meant a D, “which is a pretty short window,” PHS Principal Jim Kuhn said during a recent presentation to the school board. The new grading scale will widen the window to 60 to 69 for a D, while a score of 59 or lower will result in a F. The school’s scale remains the same for A’s (90 to 100), B’s (80 to 89) and C’s (70 to 79). The change to D’s and F’s comes after a couple years of discussion at PHS, Kuhn told the Park County School District No. 1 Board of Trustees. The board approved the new grading scale last month. In their research, PHS staff looked at how...

PHS modifies grading scale

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