Should Gun Makers Face Lawsuits After Mass Shootings?



On the heels of the Las Vegas and Texas massacres, Newtown families want gun makers held liable. They’re in court again. Could this be the way? This hour will air Tuesday at 11 a.m. EST. A big gun case opening in Connecticut today. Families of the victims of the Newtown elementary school shooting going to court again to try to hold the maker of the assault-style rifle used by Adam Lanza on that terrible day liable for those deaths. Twenty-six people – mostly children – died. Remington is now a target. Federal law protects gun makers. It’s a tough case. But after Newtown and Orlando and Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs, we’re watching. This hour, On Point: liability and guns. Tom Ashbrook Guests: Emily Bazelon , staff writer for the New York...

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