Go hunting … but leave all the technology at home


With the proliferation of new-age gadgets, wing-dings and hoo-haws, we have plenty to worry about. Those things are supposed to make our lives easier, but I spend about 70 percent of my waking hours rebooting my computer, putting fresh batteries in the GPS or programming my VCR. Let’s hear it for progress. After learning the hard way more than once, I now hit save after every keystroke when I’m typing on my computer. With all that saving, I think I type about three words a minute. But in the back of my mind, I know that saving often isn’t going to be enough. Some power spike is bound to come down the wire and toast my entire computer – motherboard, central processing unit, monitor, hard drive, mouse pad and desk. And it won’t matter how many times...

Go hunting … but leave all the technology at home

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