Shooting sticks make for a much steadier rest


I have a set of Vanguard shooting sticks I picked up several years ago. I’ve used them at the shooting range when I’ve practiced with my hunting rifles, but about a week ago, I got to actually use them on a real-live hunt. I had spotted a herd of antelope with a pretty good-sized buck about 800 yards out, and I tried to get closer to them. I got to about 650 yards, and the does didn’t seem to be too worried about me, but the buck was locked on to me from the moment I poked my head above the little hill I was using for cover. I edged back to where I couldn’t be seen again and started working my way around to get closer, when a smaller satellite buck jumped up out of the weeds. He was only about 300 yards away, but he was quite aware that I was there. I...

Shooting sticks make for a much steadier rest

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