Don’t get too close to wildlife


My cousin’s wedding lured me to Grand Teton National Park not long ago. While I was up in that neck of the woods, I did a bit of scouting around for wildlife. In a national park, wild critters weren’t hard to find. Among the first animals I saw were a big sow grizzly and her three cubs. When I caught my first glimpse of the mama bear, she was about fifty yards off the road. What alerted me to her presence was the giant knot of people and vehicles parked along – and in – the roadway. Now I’m just as happy as the next guy to see a bear out in its natural habitat. But I’d much rather see it from a hundred yards, or two hundred, than from fifty. In my opinion, fifty yards from a mother bear with cubs is a mite too close. Amazingly enough, one guy with a...

Don’t get too close to wildlife

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