Take Two On The Senate Health Care Bill


The Senate GOPs revised health care bill. We’ll unpack what’s in it, and where it goes from here. A two-inch blood clot above John McCain’s left eye stood between Senate Republicans and a new American health care path this weekend. Senator McCain’s got coverage. He’s had surgery. But Republicans couldn’t pass their bill without him, and the vote’s been postponed again. Mitch McConnell is ready to make deals. The GOP desperately wants to be seen to repeal Obamacare. But resistance is stiff. Including Republican resistance. This hour On Point: What’s in the Senate GOP health care package. Tom Ashbrook Guests Noam Levey , national health care reporter for the Los Angeles Times. ( @NoamLevey ) Jonathan Cohn , senior national correspondent for HuffPost....

Take Two On The Senate Health Care Bill

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