Musician Semler Talks New Album 'Preacher's Kid'


MICHEL MARTIN, HOST: Finally today, so you might not be surprised that a record titled "Preacher's Kid" by a musician whose father was a pastor would take the top spot on the iTunes Christian album chart. That happened last month with the new album by Grace Semler Baldrige, who performs as Semler. But the lyrics on that album tell a different story than the one you might be expecting. (SOUNDBITE OF SONG, "JESUS FROM TEXAS") SEMLER: (Singing) My mom turned 18 in the 1960s, and she doesn't remember Stonewall. MARTIN: In "Preacher's Kid," Semler explores faith and church life through a queer lens, everything from the meaning of the gospel and activism to what really happens at youth group. And Semler is with us now to talk about "Preacher's Kid." Grace...

Musician Semler Talks New Album 'Preacher's Kid'

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