Troll Watch: Targeting 2020 Presidential Candidates


MICHEL MARTIN, HOST: And finally today, the Grammys are tonight. And if you decide to watch, you'll see what the industry considers the biggest names in music. Instead of talking about that, though, we decided to focus on one of the freshest names in music. She's been described as hypnotic, transcendent and very smart. Her name is Noname. (SOUNDBITE OF SONG, "CASKET PRETTY") NONAME: (Rapping) And I am afraid of the dark, blue and the white, badges and pistols rejoice in the night. And we watched the news, and we see him die tonight. Tonight the night his baby said goodbye, roses in the road, teddy bear outside, bullet there on the right. MARTIN: Born Fatimah Warner, Noname first got mainstream attention when she appeared on Chance the Rapper's...

Troll Watch: Targeting 2020 Presidential Candidates

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