Do Politics Have A Place In The NFL?



Freedom, respect and “taking a knee” in the NFL. The VP walks out. Trump threatens. What’s right here? It started very small, with Colin Kapernick.  Then the president called protesting NFL players taking a knee at games during the national anthem sons of bitches, and it went big.  Players – and coaches – all over, pushing back, linking arms, taking a knee.  This week, Mike Pence stoked it again.  Walking out of a Colts-49ers game.  The NFL, saying they should stand, but not demanding – yet.  The first owner demanding.  Trump, firing away.  This hour, On Point:  the NFL, “taking a knee,” and where this goes. Tom Ashbrook Guests: Robert Klemko , NFL writer for Sports Illustrated. ( @ RobertKlemko  ) Alejandro Danois , editor-in-chief, The Shadow League....

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